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For 7+ years we create:
We combine the best marketing tools
to bring you new clients and to increase your profit
Video & Design
Community & SMM
Web & App
The more thoroughly and in more detail you fill out the brief, the faster and better we will do our job. As you know, it is better to spend more time preparing any project than to spend time on edits
Fill out the BRIEF
We need an idea and inspiration.
You need to relax.
We work in a crazy rhythm: from the scenario idea to the last cut. From the first pixel to the final launch of your product
Sit down and RELAX
Get a finished product, write a review and recommend us to your friends. And watch your business performance grow every day
Get the project DONE
What we LOVE to do
We are the leading company by delivering high-quality video to our clients.
Preproduction, Production, Post production.
Anywhere in the world.

We create advertising, promo, music, and youtube video. We can make 1 short video or give you full package service.
Thanks to the video, you speak with your clients directly and in the most effective way.
We make design that your customers may never forget. We know that design should solve problems and bring money, not only to be beautiful.
Our prices are fixed for some standard services. Also, we ask our new clients about their birthday and prepare cool presents.
Do you need 3d modeling? Or presentation?
Maybe you want to drop some NFT?
Brand identity, Logo? We can do it all.
We create Websites and Android / Ios Application
Using no-code instruments such as - Bubble, Adalo, Glide, Tilda, WordPress.
Also, we love to write code (but when we can find a no-code solution - its always better - first of all for client)

We suggest full-cycle service - Marketing, Design, Developing, Deploy.
Web and App Developing
We know how to promote your products and services to millions of customers - using Facebook advertising, Instagram ads, Google ads, TIktok, SEO, CPA, and many more channels.

Also we know how to promote in viral ways, what content become shareable and wide known.
Paid & Viral Advertising
We take care about our clients social appearance.
We can create and manage as many accounts - as your strategy needs. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter. Just call us — and we will help you with all the questions. We can write texts, post pictures and video, engage existed users and attract new ones.
SMM & Community Management
Do you need a non-standard solution?
Сreate an MVP and attract investors?
Maybe you need an email newsletter?
Or a marketing strategy? Instagram AR filters?
Or do you want to test the new ways to get traffic? Or you want to create NFT?
We have solutions for all your requests.
Grow Your Business With Video Ads That Convert!
Promo video is the best way for any business to get new customers and sales. Videos have proven to be the most effective marketing tool.
It increases conversions and sales by 250%+ and engagement by 1000%+.
You can show the benefits of your product and convey it to thousands of viewers at a small cost.
Video is one of the top shared pieces of content on social media.
* Product/ Explainer/ Social/ Promo
* Shooting/ Editing/ 2d/ 3d/ Blog
* Graphics/ Music/ Voiceover
If you still don't have a website - you are losing 95% of customers!
One of the main reasons you should have a website is to increase your organization's credibility.
Without it, people may question
your legitimacy as a business.
Having a website is an opportunity
to make a great first impression
and give people comfort buying your products and services.
* Modern and user friendly UX/UI
* Landing Page or Online Store
* Design and Copyright that SELL
The best social media advertising is Targeting + SMM.
It increase the loyalty and trust of the audience, instill in customer minds the desire to buy your product.
The audiences can be better segmented than more traditional marketing channels.
* SMM/ Targeting
* Influencer/ Email/ Viral
* FB/ Instagram/ Twitter/ TikTok
Business design work by extending the customer-centric nature of design thinking to the business viability phase of the innovation process. We apply design research methods such as ethnography (studying people and their environments) and using abductive reasoning (by drawing key insights from observations).

We not just do beautiful designs - we do marketing research and create designs that SELL.
* Graphic/ Branding/ Logo/ Packages/ Product/ Infographic/ Presentation/ Pitch/ Charts/ Social/ UX/UI/ WEB
* YouTube channel design/ 3D/ AR/ VR/ XR/ Industrial/ Interior
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Jan, 2021
Brilliant marketing company!
CEO GetCool
We started cooperation with a marketing strategy, the result is estimated at a solid 5 on a 5-point scale.
I liked the approach by the employees of Digital Marketing Guru, the versatile large-scale professional view. The clear, open approach and well-established communication with us.
John Patric
Sep, 2020
High-quality service Video and Ads creation
Marketing Manager
They gave an understanding of the possibilities of promotion, attracting customers, and knowledge of their needs, plus awesome design of promo materials - such as video, banners, and SMM. Now, after only 3 months of cooperation, we see returns of orders and customers.
David Memo
Jan, 2021
A reliable Digital Marketing Agency
Owner Tiktok Junk
It is a great team of professionals to rely on
for digital marketing purposes. They promoted our brand online and brought success to our organization by increasing sales and profits.
Andrew Stocker
May, 2020
Fantastic job with online ads and web design
Forex Trader
Digital Marketing Guru is incredibly quick and informative. It is easy to see that they not only understand how SEO, Online ads, lead gen works, but are able to relay information in a way that makes everybody understand it. I never felt they were talking above me throughout the project.
Ben Shimon
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